Sunday, September 4, 2016

{GENERATIONS} Winners and an Announcement

Good afternoon, Mamas!

We hope this Labor Day weekend finds you all well.   We have an announcement regarding The Snappy Mama, but first want to bring you your {GENERATIONS} winner and Top 10, thanks to our marvelous guest judge, Molly Van Damme.

Your Top Honor:

Kimberly Milano Photography

And here are your Top 10 {Generations} images, in no particular order:

Thank you TO ALL who participated, and a HUGE thank you to Molly VanDamme Photography for not only being a fantastic guest judge, but for sharing her talent, time and such a great theme with us, too!

On that note, we have an announcement regarding our little page here.    It is a fantastic little community here at The Snappy Mama.  We have absolutely loved seeing friendships flourish, goals being achieved, and all kinds of success for our friends, both hobbyist and professional alike.  That said, we decided to start this page with mamas in mind.  We are mamas, too, and know first hand what it's like to try to balance it all.  We also know that sometimes, something has to give.

It is on that note that we are announcing a hiatus through at least the first of the 2017 New Year.  At that time, we will revisit and decide whether to bring new mamas aboard as admins, continue as usual, or close our doors for good.  We've had so many wonderful things going on... babies, businesses booming, and are so grateful for that.  However, we are finding that a little breathing room is necessary for the time being and hope you will all understand.

Please visit our friends at SNAP MAVEN weekly for the update on all of the active challenge pages . They are gracious enough to bring you the "Maven Flyer" every week with updated challenges and links.  Talk about awesome community!

Thanks again to all of you.   Please keep up with us at:

The Rusty Lens
Tumbling Sparrow
Yeah, She Snaps! Photography

We'll see you all soon.  <3

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