Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Featured Story Teller | Jenny Rosenbring

Another month has come and gone, can you believe summer is here?! We had a wonderful time reading all of your fantastic {New Beginnings} stories, including some from our own Mamas here at Snappy Mama. We hope you are as excited for this project as we are and if you may have noticed we have been and will be asking some questions of the group to help get a better idea of how we can make our blog & group more personalized for you so if you haven't joined the Storytelling group yet, be sure to come on over!

This month's featured story was chosen by Lori of Life Out Loud Photography. Here's what she had to say about Jenny's story, "What incredibly special memories she is making with her children that will someday be passed on to their children. It's really the most timeless story of all<3"

Here is Jenny's story:

"I am kind of new to storytelling, but I want to learn. It is such a huge part of photography. This is my daughter indulging in some flower picking this evening. These flowers are very important to me, when I was a kid my dad would take me and my sister out when they started blooming. I would bring these flowers home to my mom and she was so happy every time. She always found a spot for them no matter how many we brought home. Every year. Such fond memories. Now I do the same with my kids. So this is my submission for "New beginnings." Thanks for looking."

Go ahead and drool over these gorgeous photos Mamas, we won't tell anybody ;) 

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