Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Featured Story Teller | Life out Loud Photography

Well our first month of "Stories in a Snap" has been a success! We LOVED hearing all of your "Making Lemonade from Lemons" stories and of course seeing your beautiful imagery. Next month's theme will be announced shortly, but if you haven't joined us yet please come on over and share your story!

Our featured story teller this month is Lori Potrykus of Life out Loud Photography! Be sure to head on over to her page and show her some love! Here's Lori's "Making Lemonade from Lemons" story:

"Having lived in Wisconsin my whole life I have become very accustomed to short summers and looooooong winters. It never gets easier to deal with the cold springs. I'm always irritated when the forecast calls for 30s and 40s when we should be enjoying the warmth of the 50s or 60s. But this year, I just didn't mind it as much. When we received a snow shower last Saturday, I saw the anticipation on my son's face. He LOVES the snow and because of that, I've learned to love it too.
While all of my friends (and husband) were cursing the snow and staying in doors, my guy and I were out trudging through snow covered mud swamps, searching for "crystals" among the rocks, chasing after fox tracks and rolling around in the dusting that would be gone within an hour. These are our tiny adventures and I wouldn't trade them for anything, not even a day of sunshine:-)"

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