Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fueling Your Fire | Winner & Top 5

This week's {fueling your fire} theme did NOT dissapoint. Breanna our guest judge of Rein-Jenkins Photography really wanted to inspire us this week so she gave us this little bit & boy did you Mamas run with it!

"We're barely coming out of the cold, dreary, dead season and we all know it's so hard to find inspiration. But, as photographers we know we must. We need to feel things, that's why we do this right? To feel. Sometimes inspiration just punches you in the face, other times...we must go out there and find it. I want to see what has inspired you! What photos have you taken that have been inspired by something random or something you thought of? I want to see photos that fueled your fire! When you were in a deep rut, what particular session got you excited again?! "

Here's this week's winners!

Congratulations to our winner Solas Images!!

And here are your top 5 in no particular order:

 Be sure to share some love for our winners & keep your beautiful work coming Mamas!

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