Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weekly Feature | Soul Threading

Mama's! We hope this week finds you doing wonderful! We are so excited to have have Stacey from Soul Threading with us. I (Allison) remember when first starting out on my photography journey and getting involved in our community - I found Stacey's page and was so inspired by her amazing work. She not only continually inspires with her incredible work - but her amazing presence in our photography community. We are really lucky to have her joining us this week at the Snappy Mama.
Make sure you head on over to Beyond the Wanderlust and check out Stacey's upcoming workshop -- Kindred Connection. You can find all of the details for the here. We are really excited for it and it looks like it is going to be so amazing!
This week Stacey has picked the theme {kindred} and she wanted to explain her choice. 
"I want you to show me photos that show a deeper connection. I am releasing a workshop right now called Kindred Connection, so I felt it fitting to see what you have to say and what you have to present in your portfolio. Touch / Hands / Eyes with clear observance are all great examples of this. Or maybe you have your own take. Please feel free to explain -  as I love to hear the story behind a photograph. 

What is your favorite image and why?

This is really hard, as I imagine this is really hard for any photographer. If I were to choose a favorite image it would have to be one of the first impactful images that brought me to my love for photography in the first place. That would be when I met my husband, and I was taking a film/darkroom class. I needed to emulate a fairy tale of some sort or something like that, so we did the legend of the Easter Bunny. We rented a giant bunny head and he put on a lovely light blue suit to match the look. It was in black and white, but color film would’ve been fab. The favorite from that collection was when we snuck onto a extended bus {extra long with the accordion in the middle} – it was in the middle of the night, so there wasn’t a route at that time. It was dead middle of winter and we were freezing to say the least and nothing was open around us. The bus happened to be running, with heat and no bus driver. So we went in, he sat all the way in the back, in the middle and I snapped the moment. They displayed it in the hallway at my college and we were so proud. That project will forever be engrained in our minds. 

Tell us three things about you, unrelated to photography : 

Our family, we are Christians, and Jesus is someone we hold to be very important. Most important actually. I wasn’t always a Christian, but when I had gone through a dark {but also very light transformation} a handful of years ago, I will forever be changed. I love my whole life though, so this is not to say I regret anything… I believe it was all a part of my story, a part of the divinity that was set before me as His unique creation. 

I have a BFA in fashion design and dreamt of becoming a huge fashion designer, like Alexander McQueen….until children came into our lives. But it is through them, I discovered the beauty of photography, and I hold only joy and gratitude for them and the change it caused. AND hey, I’d love to still create a line one day in the future - When the time is right. 

I play some guitar and sing some. SOME. When I was in college I thought I would possibly become a rock star. Like Debbie Harry or Patti Smith {they were my favorites and still are up there} I’d love to take lessons though, to learn a bit more maybe. It is something that I go into phases with. Music is huge for me. Humor too– Humor and Music. 

If you were going to venture into a genre you currently don't photograph, what would it be and why?

Humanitarian photography. I’d love to give a voice to someone/ a group of people that don’t have a voice {or large voice} otherwise. My heart is very empathetic and my husband and I keep feeling the pull to show something deeper – for someone else – for a cause or societal issue. 

When did your photography journey begin?

2008 – film. During college – junior year of finishing up with my fashion design degree. I took a darkroom class because it was required and I fell in love. Specifically with a project that stirred the pot a bit, right when I met my husband to be and I dressed him up as a giant Easter Bunny and roamed the streets of Chicago – like mentioned earlier. I continued to photograph a lot of things with film, then our daughter was born and a whole other journey began. It was soon thereafter that we bought my first digital – Sony Alpha. With a 50mm we got from a pawn shop. 

Give us a photography related goal you hope to accomplish?

Become full – time with my husband. Working well together with fresh projects consistently, all in the while hopefully owning our own studio one day {very soon}
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and what is something you'd like to photograph from there? Well, because I haven’t ever been there, Im not 100% to say that I’d want to live there.  But maybe… New Zealand or somewhere near the red woods. The elements of valleys and vastness – with unknown trees and smells – and then different cultures and people to meet… those would be all the things I imagine to photograph.

Keep your {kindred} images coming in! Have a great week, Mamas!
XOXO, Allison and the Mamas

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