Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekly Feature | Hayley Hay Photography

Hi Mama's! This week we have Hayley from Hayley Hay Photography joining us! We are so lucky to have her - she is one incredible photographer. Make sure you go and check our her page and give her some love. This week she has picked the theme {patterns.} 

Now, on to Hayley's feature.

Three things about me:

I started my professional life as a scientist. I'm an immunologist and spent the best part of 15 years studying immunology and genetics and carrying out my PhD and postdoc in allergy and asthma.  I'm still very passionate about science and am always reading about the latest findings and​ aam keeping in touch with various studies.  The best part of my career as a scientist was that I continued to learn everyday​. It's​ impossible to know it all as research is constantly unfolding and changing and it meant that I continued to learn on a daily basi​s - ​something I thrive o​n!​ I find photography the same​…T​here is always something new to try out and learn!

  I'm not one to spend a long time on myself getting ready in the morning, I'm always rushing and I do my make up in the reflection of the microwave in the kitchen. Got to put it to some use I guess and it might explain the state of me when I turn up at the school! 

I'm not sure if you would call me ambidextrous per se but I write with my left hand but have a preference for using my right hand for certain things too.  Whether this is a learnt skill, I'm not sure, as so many things cater for right handers in this world.  However, I can write with my right hand, and I seem to have better motor skills with my right hand for certain things and better motor skills with my left hand for others.  Maybe that just makes me confused! 

Give us a photography related goal you hope to accomplish?

This year I'd like to try out some new techniques to get to grips with really knowing my camera and understanding different lighting situations.  I'm really keen to try the in-camera double exposure.  I've got many little projects up my sleeve for this year but mainly it is to acquire some new skills​. Actually, o​ne of my biggest goals this year is to focus a bit more on my landscape photography.  Living in Switzerland, with it's stunning scenery, means that landscape photography is a must! 

Name a photographer who inspires you?

I think you will all agree that Kate T. Parker and her beautiful​ly​ strong, documentary style photography is an inspiration to all of us mothers out there.  I love the way she captures her daughters for who they are in their everyday life and how she portrays their strengths. I love her campaign of "strongisthenewpretty" and how she encourages other parents to document their children how they see them and to celebrate them for who they are.  I love that nothing is contrived in her imagery​. ​I​t's all so raw and real!  

What are the biggest challenges you have overcome in your photography?

I'm not sure I have actually overcome this challenge yet but my biggest struggle has been finding the balance between time with my family and time taking photographs and editing them.  Photography is a very time consuming job.  I love it and am so passionate about it and am always striving to do better but it does take up my time and I have to ensure that i safeguard weekends to spend with my family instead of doing client work.  Sometimes I get the impression that people think it is just a few clicks of the camera et voila​,​ my work is done​! H​owever the time to upload the images​ -​ and in particular the post processing of them​ -​ is immense.  I spend hours editing galleries, and while I love it and enjoy making people happy by creating memories for them​, I have had to ensure that I balance my work with family time.  

Describe your work in three words? 

natural, emotive and happy

Keep all of those wonderful {pattern} images coming in! Have a great week, Mamas!

XOXO, Allison and the Mamas

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