Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kinship | Winner & Top 5

Kinship was a beautiful theme. So many amazing images this week. But our guest judge Stacey of Soul Threading had so many great things to say about the images she chose I'll let her say the rest!!

The winner I chose was Sahsha of Rubylee Photography. The edit/conversion and connection I feel here is intense. It was hard though, you know all of the images, I looked at them over and over again. Admiring all of your talent.  A lot of these things, choosing top choices from all that were submitted, it was the ones I connected to the most at this time in my life. The ones I felt genuine kinship radiating of course, yet you all had it present, so please know that... But this one Sasha, it really stuck out to me, and kept having me come back to see it again and again. It's such a great perspective and edit. Beautiful job :) 

Rubylee Photography

And here are your top 5 in no particular order:

Stepping back to get the moments in between - combined with incredible scenery? This shot is killer with detail and gradual silhouette. It shows the kinship and nostalgia of summertime as a kid when I'd go on regular vacations to Grandpa's small cabin and lake resort. Love it Courtney - thanks for bringing me 

Momentologie Photography

The mood here almost resonates and vibrates. Is that strange? I can feel it though - like music - through the whole frame, feeling timeless and relatable - it has me miss my mom and wants me to go back to the kinship that age & relationship represents. Just for a moment.

April Kraus Photography

Oh bath time. I actually remember it as a very special time in my childhood. Not with my brother personally....that hadn't happened from what I remember, but I do appreciate those siblings that can share it and the mommas that capture the laughter and joy so well. Bathroom light isn't easy always but this conversion is beautiful. 

Becky Auerbach Photography

Gretchen, your explanation and story got me. Then the detail in your older daughter's pretty face. Her now grown up face. It's so fantastic she can feel that and that you've shown her and taught her that, as well as it being her own unique empathetic heart. This is a genuine frame here. 

Gretchen Willis Photography

Initially, this one had so much color and composition love from me visually. Then I read it further and it also held humor with toddler / younger siblings....yet in their eyes as kids - I imagine it to be less humorous and more determination. Kudos momma Jess, stepping back to catch this moment. 

Jessica Byrum - Photographer

Be sure to share some LOVE for this week's features & thank you Mama's for your fabulous submissions!!

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