Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Weekly Feature | Sweet Rose Elise Photography

 Hi, Mamas!

We hope your holidays are merry, merry so far!  This time of year is sure to bring some chaos, and well, we mamas have been pulled in so many directions this week that we completely dropped the ball on our weekly guest feature.  Please forgive us!

We absolutely are thrilled to have some down time to sit and blog about the SUPER talented Tara of Sweet Rose Elise Photography.  I have been a HUGE fan of her work personally and I know I speak for all the mamas when I say how fantastic she is!

Here's a bit more about Tara:

Where do you hail from?

Ohio. More specifically, Wapakoneta which is the home of Neil Armstrong.
We currently reside in Cincinnati.

What is the biggest advice you would give yourself if you could go back to the beginning?
-To surround myself with the right people. Find those that inspire and share the same passion. Do not get discouraged or allow comparison to be a thief of my joy. 
To follow my own heart and vision.

Tell us three things about you, unrelated to photography
-I have a major Starbucks addiction
-I have a Westie named Winston 
-I hope, in the very near future, to have property to accommodate chickens and goats.

If you were going to venture into a genre you currently do not photograph, what would it be and why?
-Hands down, birth photography. I love the rawness of it. I am amazed by the power and strength of a woman's body to grow, house, and birth a child.
The birth of my own children was and is the most emotional, surreal, and life changing events of my life. 
There will never be a joy like the joy you feel during the birth of your child.

What is your favorite piece of gear, or what are you lusting after?
-I couldn't survive without my 35mm. BUT I am drooling over and lusting after a 200mm (we feel you, mama...we feel you ; )

Well, mamas, we hope you enjoyed this beautiful feature as much as we did..and we know being a guest for 2 weeks is no easy feat when you're talking all the Snappy Mama talent we see continually on our page...so THANK YOU, Tara, and thank you to all you mamas for bringing it each week!

PLEASE be sure to stop by her page, Sweet Rose Elise Photography and give it a big LIKE...but don't stop there..seriously, scroll through and get lost in the magic- there's PLENTY of it!

Jess and the mamas <3

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