Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekly Feature | Candace Castor

Hi, mamas!

Hope you're all having a great week.
Fall is definitely in the air here and as season change, our emotions usually do, too (I know mine do daily... hourly sometimes, lol) so we are really LOVING this {emotional self portrait} theme by the talented Candace Castor.

Here's a fun feature with our guest judge this week:

Where do you hail from?

Okinawa, Japan

Tell us 3 things about you, unrelated to photography:

 I am a coffee addict. If it comes in pink, I will own it or buy it. I'm super impatient and extremely impulsive.

What is your favorite piece of gear you own, or what are you lusting after?

My current favorite is my Sigma Art 35! Seriously the best piece of glass I have owned thus far. Im lusting after the D750 and 14-24 f/2

What is a photography-related goal you have?

Finish my MFA in photography and accept a teaching position. I would love to teach photography at a high school level.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and what is something you'd like to photograph from there?

Literally anywhere and everything. I love to to travel, explore and try new things (within reason, fish will always be a no-no for me! Yuck!) we've spent the last 6 years in Japan and I live it! I certainly would t cry if we were to go to Europe next and able to travel to London, Paris, Greece, etc. 

Well, we sure do hope you enjoyed getting to know Candace as much as we have!  Be sure to stop by her Facebook page and give it a 'like'.  Lots of inspiration there.

Have a wonderful rest of your week, everyone!


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