Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekly Feature | Amber Janine Photography

Mama's, time to get to know our guest judge, Amber from Amber Janine Photography - Bryan College Station Photographer. Make sure you head on over to her page and check out her amazing work! This week she has picked the theme {responsibility.} Don't forget to get your submissions in!!!!

Now on to the feature and her gorgeous work...

Where do you hail from?  Well, I currently live in College Station, TX, home of the Fightin’ Texas A&M Aggies, whoop!  I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana which is where all my family still lives. I moved to Texas for college, and stayed after meeting my husband, Josh, whom I now have 2 beautiful boys with. 

Describe your work in three words:  Organic, Timeless, Soft

When did your photography journey begin? Like so many other “snappy mamas”, I bought my first dslr after having my first baby. My husband got me a canon t2i and a little kit lens for Christmas when my son was 10 months and I promised myself from the beginning that if I’m spending that much on a camera, I’m going to use it the right way. So I decided to jump head first into manual mode and never shot in auto. After a couple years and another baby, I started having friends notice my photos and ask if I would photograph their kids. Insert hubby nudging me towards “making it profitable” (haha, since we all know it’s sooo profitable in the beginning) and my photography business emerged. I knew from the beginning, I wanted to focus on newborns, babies and small children so that is where I started and still what I shoot most. I really love lifestyle family sessions as well but the timing doesn’t always fit as well into my family’s schedule as my morning newborn sessions do. 

If you could photograph one person (famous or just someone you really admire), who would it be and why?  If I could photograph any one person, it would be my mom’s mother, my grandmother Jane. She died of breast cancer when my mom was only 9 , so I never got to meet her. Everyone who speaks of her says she was so kind and good and loving. I’ve only ever seen a couple photographs of her, and she was beautiful! I would love to be able to photograph her and capture that memory for myself and for my mom. 

 What is your best advice you would give yourself if you could go back to the beginning? SLOW DOWN!!! I started my business and it really hit off way faster than I ever could have imagined. I’m not even 2 years into it and so many amazing things have happened in my life due to photography. BUT, I don’t sleep much due to all it takes to run my business at this point and I don’t spend near the time with my kids as I would like. I think if I had started off slowly and really found my target clients, I would be able to better balance my life. Still working on that part ;-)

Have a fantastic week, Mamas!!!! Keep your amazing {responsibility} submissions coming in!

XOXO, Allison and the mamas

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