Monday, September 7, 2015

Golden Hour Top 5 + Winner

What a beautiful week we had with our 'Golden Hour' theme hosted by the one and only Kate Densmore Photography. Be sure to follow Kate on facebook to keep up with her latest projects, products and workshop details! Thank you all who participated in this special theme, dedicated to The Gold Hope Project, helping to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer.

Alas, Kate was asked to narrow it down to one winner, and a Top Five, so here you have it..

Winning Image:
Chasing Tydes Photography
And Your Top Five:
Meredith Rockefeller Photography
 Natalie Bee Photography
Joni Burtt Photography

 Jill Edwards Photography
Cassie Duffle Photography

Congrats all!  Join us we continue supporting The Gold Hope Project with this week's theme, 'Hope,' hosted by Megan Nesom Photography.

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