Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekly Feature | {polka dot umbrella} photography

How are all you Mama's doing?? I hope fantastic! This week we have Danielle from {polka dot umbrella} photography as our guest judge at The Snappy Mama. Oh my goodness - does she ever have a way of capturing the true essence of childhood. Her work is so natural and pure and her use of light is uh-mah-zing. This week she chose {motion + movement} as our theme and we are already blown away with some of the submissions.

But, let's not keep you waiting any longer. Let's get to know our guest judge, Danielle.

When did your photography journey begin? 

Like many, I seriously started photography after having my first child. You may have heard that story before…ha! ☺  But my journey did start a few years prior to when my college photography classes were all about film.  Yes, film. I feel like I have always had a little something in me that wanted to capture the emotions around us.  When the digital age started to pick up steam, I really was ready to dive in head first and purchase my first DSLR.  From there the rest is history as they say. 

Give us a photography related goal you hope to accomplish?

My mind seems to always have a few ideas but actually having the time to accomplish goals with 3 kids can be a struggle.   And because of those kids….I really want to get better at capturing them in everyday life. I find myself not picking up my “big” camera when I am home.  I also would love to print more pictures!  I do a yearly book for all my kids for Christmas but some of my favorite pastimes when I was younger was to look through our family albums. 

What is your favorite piece of gear you own, or what are you lusting after?

My favorite gear right now is my 35mm.  I am simply in love with it.  It rarely leaves my camera.  

What are the biggest challenges you have overcome in your photography?

Being confident.  I think confidence can be hard in this industry because there are SO MANY amazing photographers out there!  Its so hard to not compare yourself!  I still sometimes have myself a little pity party when I am drooling over someones work and wish mine looked like theirs. Its taken me a few years to finally be happy with me. And I think once that happens – it will show in your work. 

What is your best advice you would give yourself if you could go back to the beginning? 

Ok I admit it – back in the day I was an action hoarder.  I bought so.many.darn actions for photoshop that I was completely overwhelmed!  I’m not saying don’t buy them but I also didn’t need to buy EVERY one. No really. ☺ I would sit myself down and say think of the all the quilts you could have bought!  Find your own style and stick with it! 

Keep all of those wonderful {motion + movement} photos coming in, Mama's! Have a great rest of your week!!! 
XOXO, Allison and the Mama's

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