Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Winner & Top Five | Toddler Troubles

This week was full of head nods from me.. 'Yep!  I have seen that look!'  'Oh yeah, my little has definitely pulled that one before!'  It's nice to know I am not alone in the toddler shenanigans, and that I am not the only Mama that stops, pulls out the camera and clicks before cleaning up the mess.  {Ok, NO JOKE, I looked up from writing this blog, and my two littles are covered, and I mean COVERED in sunscreen.. be right back}

That was exciting.  Ok, so we loved Jessica Byrum's theme, and we just adore her work and new project, The Adventures of Tater Tot Island.  Be sure to check her out, and leave her some love!


Jennifer Kielich Photography
Top  5:

Lindsey Bramlett Photography

Kaytie Fleming Photography
Ainsley Raye Photography

Lia Edwards: Munich Portrait Photography
Privizzini's Passion


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