Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Winner + Top 5 Urban Vibes

Hi Mamas!  We had such a fun week last week seeing all your 'Urban Vibe' images rollin' in!  Big thanks to Kortnee of Tumbling Sparrow Photography for hosting this theme!  Be sure to check out her FB page and website for more from Kortnee!

Here is what she had to say about the winning image:

Something about the color and light kept drawing me back to this image. I love the "vibes" here. There so much buzz going on behind the girl pictured but yet the first thing that catches your eye is her. Her expression, the way the artist captured her mid twirl of the hula hoop, such a beautiful candid moment of childhood. Great work!
Everyday Sacred Photography
Kortnee said:

Top 5:

It was so so hard to chose but I love the moments in the pictures below. The curiosity of childhood, the candid expressions, the crisp bold colors - I can't help but swoon over the talent here <3 

In no particular order:
 Shannon Kathleen Photography
Rubylee Photography
Stafford Photography

Lia Edwards: Modern Family Photographer
Jennifer Kielich Photography

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