Monday, June 15, 2015

Winner + Top 5 'Technology + People'

We were so lucky to have Gretchen Willis Photography with us this past week! Gretchen is a talented and sweet soul who does so much for the photography community.  Be sure to check out her FB page, and for more from Gretchen, you can buy her e-book Love Letters To Your Children HERE! 
Gretchen also offers mentoring through In Beauty & Chaos, so be sure to check that out if you are in need of a technically sound pair of eyes with a whole lotta heart!

Here are her Top 5 and winning image from last week, with a few words as to why she chose each.

Winning Image:
by Nicole Humphrey Photography
The winning image captured me in such a deep way. I love how I can't completely tell who is teaching whom about that phone. I love that technology is something that brought them together. I love that they are sitting in the older woman's bed, a place reserved only for people she feels very close to, people she trusts and loves. Photographically, I love the light and shadows. The side light gives extra texture to the older woman's skin, showing her age, as well as the smooth skin of the young girl, also showing her age. I adore that the conversion is one that's a bit more edgy - not smooth and soft. It gives the image a sense of timelessness.

And here are Gretchen's picks and notes, for Top 5 in no particular order:

E.MaCaire Photography
This little boy with his medical device immediately pulled at my heart strings. The advances in medical technology have saved countless lives. I also love the b/w conversion here, allowing us to focus on the subject and his story.
Viveash Photography - Jakarta, Indonesia

Technology has become a centerpiece of social interaction, but I adore how these 4 people are interacting together WITH their technology. Clearly they have a connection that even the attention of a small device cannot steal away.
Julie Pease Photography
This photo - oh my goodness, what can I say? This kid is just adorable and I love the play on the idea that our kids are "larger than life". 
Lizzy Loo Photography
I don't know this story, but if I had to imagine it, I am thinking that this dad is feeding his infant to send a video or do facetime with a mom who's deployed, or a grandparent who's far away. Technology allows us to keep those personal connections even when we are far away.
Heather Arnita Photography
This image touches my heart because I love how all the siblings are squeezing in close to share the screen. The lines of the bedspread direct my eye right to them, and their expressions are so honest and pure - true enjoyment of time spent together.

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  1. OMG!..all the pictures are beautiful...but my little cousin is so adorable!! ...absolutely love it! God bless his heart!


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