Monday, June 29, 2015

Winner & Top 5 | Anonymous Portrait

We were so lucky to have the oh-so talented Anda Panciuk with us last week, hosting an 'Anonymous Portrait' theme.  You all really blew us away with your creativity, and I know Anda had a tough time narrowing it down!  Be sure to swing by her website to see more from this artist! Just reading through her comments on her selections give you a sneak peek through a pro's eyes! Enjoy!

Here are Anda's winner, and Top 5!  Drumroll please......

Winning Image:
Anda said: Tanya's photo stood out to me because it beautifully incorporates 3 elements which I feel contribute to a great photo: light, lines and movement. The starburst is wonderful, but the way the light wraps and winds around the clouds is nothing short of amazing. The lines of the railing draw our eyes directly to the subject, and the additional lines (starburst, plants spikes growing out of the planters, even the bottom dotted line of the railing) add even more interest to the image. Finally, the wind blowing through the subject's hair is the proverbial icing on the cake, and to me, this element of movement takes this photo to a whole other level: amazing!

TKP One Story
And now for her Top 5 in no particular order:
Anda said: Meagan's good-mood photo is so full of light and color. There's beautiful bokeh, golden backlight and a center composition that feels just a smidgen off-balance. Just looking at it makes me smile; I feel it oozes summer, childhood and happiness. 
Mg Photography

Anda said:  Romina's photo is full of interesting elements: light, lines, shadows, more lines, and even a mystery man in the midst of it all. I love how the rows of benches act as leading lines that bring our eyes right to the subject. The converging lines in the windows and overhang bring our eyes up and around the frame, where ultimately, they land back on the rows of seats which bring us back to... you guessed it... the mystery man in the middle. Brilliant! 
Romina Fava Photography

Anda said: As soon as I saw Victoria's anonymous self-portrait, I just knew it would make it into my top picks at the end of the week. This image is so raw and honest and so unbelievably beautiful in what it represents: sacrifice, selflessness and the hard work of bringing forth a new life into the world. The light is gorgeous and the slight angle adds a nice element of femininity by highlighting those beautiful curves of her body. 

Victoria Simmons Photography

Anda said:  Holly's anonymous portrait stood out to me because of its simplicity and bright complimentary colors. I love the the way the yellow daffodils seem to pop right out of the frame. The blue of the overalls provides a perfect backdrop, and a fantastic framing element to the bouquet of daffodils - well played, Holly! 

Holly Nicole Photography

Anda said: Monika's image is just magical to me. The beautiful golden hour light, the perfect refection in the water and the leading lines that just seem to go on and on -- it all comes together wonderfully in this fine art image. This image is heavenly, and I mean that literally!
MColichio Photography

Well there you have it!  These images + Anda's comments were simply GOLD!  Have a fabulous week, Mamas and keep shining!


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  1. It was truly a pleasure guest judging for you this week, The Snappy Mama! Thank you for the opportunity; I loved every minute of my experience. xxx


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