Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weekly Feature | Susan Edge Photography

Oh, hey Mamas!

How's your week going?   Am I the only one who feels as if our summer got off to a *much* busier start than usual??   At any rate, I'm glad to be here and glad to see the SUN today!

Speaking of summer, we are loving your {dog days of summer} posts.  Y'all are definitely sizzlin' this week for sure!   It was a great theme chosen by this week's guest judge, Susan Edge Photography.  Here we have a get-to-know-you Q&A with Susan.  Grab a cup and settle in... my Keurig JUST got done brewing!

Tell us about your photography 'journey':

My photography journey began as a child really.  I LOVED taking photos, all the time, of everything.  I even remember dressing our poor cat up in doll clothes and taking photos of her.  As I grew older, and more busy I went away from it aside from just a point and shoot.  Then I had my first child, and like so many, it sparked me into taking photos again.   But they weren't good enough, so I got my first DSLR and off I went.  Passion, and perfection turned into 'Professional'.  

Tell us about a fellow photography who inspires you, and why?

I really love Kate Parker (Kate T. Parker Photography). The way she captures such beautiful in the moment everyday stuff. Her work just wow's me. Also love how I know it's her work before even looking at the credits. Her style is very distinct.

Ok...the burning question: Canon? Nikon? Other?

Nikon (can I get a woot woot). My first DSLR was the d90, and I still use it as my backup, I now shoot with the d700 (hoping to upgrade to the d750 soon). What I love about it, well honestly I don't know any different. I find it easy to use, and it takes nice sharp images.

Tell us a photography-related goal you have for yourself this year:
I would love to have one of my photos published in print somewhere. In one of the bigger magazines and/or publications. It's been a goal of mine for a little while now.

The 'other' burning question... Lightroom? PS? Other?

I use LR4 99.8% of the time. LOVE IT. So quick and easy to use. My style is very natural, so I don't do a whole lot of editing, or at least try not too. I have CS6 but only use if for some minor things that I can't do in Lightroom, like liquify and head swaps.

I gotta tell you, mamas, these questions never get old to me. I LOVE reading about our fellow artists in this wonderful community don't you? That said, if there are other questions and things you'd like to ask our weekly guests, please shout them out in our comments section today. Thanks again to Susan Edge Photography... I know you're going to have a super hard time choosing the winners this week! ~xo,
jess & the mamas

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