Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spotlight On: Tia Clark

Oh, hey, mamas!

I can't believe it's mid-week already.  I guess that always happens when there is a holiday, but even more so, just seems to be happening ALL the time lately!

I'm happy to be here today with more about our fantastic guest judge this week, Tia Clark Photography.    I love her work.  It's fresh, vibrant, and real and I've been browsing a LOT this week and just really adore her style!  Grab a late night cup of tea and hang with us!   

1.  When did your photography journey begin?
Though I've been an obsessive taker or pictures for several years, my journey with actively learning the art of photography began close to four years ago (following the birth of my son).  I dove in head first and never looked back.  

2.  Photographer who inspires me...
I am inspired by so many photographers.  One of my very favorite happens to be my own family photographer and friend Jamie Faulkner.  (we love her, tooooo!!!!)  I am most passionate about lifestyle (documentary) photography, and that's exactly what draws me to Jamie's work.  There's something magical about capturing a child in the raw, just exploring in his or her environment.  Jamie definitely has a gift for such, and I just adore her!

3.  Canon or Nikon?
Canon.  I don't have a fancy reason for my choice.  I fell in love with a family member's Canon DSLR and then my (sweet) hubby surprised me with one shortly after.  I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III.  I am a hoarder of lenses, but most days you will find my Sigma 35 1.4 on my camera.  Honestly, I love that little bit of distortion I can get with that lens in particular.  It's perfect for lifestyle photography.  Perfect.  I would actually like to give the Canon L-series version of this lens a try sometime soon.  

4.  Photography Related Goal...
I would love to help fellow Moms learn how to maximize the potential of their DSLRs and capture those everyday moments of their children (and WITH their children).  I am working towards organizing such a course right now and I hope to be able to launch it later this year.  Another goal of mine is to learn as much about Photoshop as I possibly can in order to improve my editing skills and maximize the full potential of the program.

5.  Editing Software...
I use ACR and Photoshop for editing and I love both!  The possibilities are truly endless.     

Wowza.  Aren't these all so gorgeous??  SO glad to have Tia this week!  Be sure to check out her page and leave her some love!  

Til next week, mamas!
Jess <3

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