Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spotlight on: Christa Paustenbaugh

Happy April 1st!!

Spring is in the air that is for sure! And with that brings the kids getting to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Which brings such a great theme like the one that our wonderful judge Christa Paustenbaugh has selected for this week - {I Love Being a Kid}. You all have been submitting some amazing images this week. We love each week seeing what you come up with for the theme and how you interpret it. That is what makes this community so great! 

No matter where you are at in your photography journey we love to see your images, so please share share share! We asked Christa  few questions about her photography journey and here is what she told us about herself. Enjoy her story and beautiful images....

When did your photography journey begin?

I've always been intrigued by good photographs and took my 110 camera around with me everywhere back in the 80s! Fast forward and I took a couple of community center classes after college graduation and fell completely in love.  My husband had an old Minolta film camera and I pretty much used that to death while learning ISO, shutter speed and f stops. I upgraded to a Canon Rebel as a deployment survival gift to myself and finally upgraded to a full frame about 18 months ago.

Name a photographer who inspires you. What draws you to their work?

There are so many photographers Im inspired by and love seeing their work each time. There are a group of local photographers here in Rhode Island that get together each month and Im so incredibly inspired by their work and their positivity. Im completely enamored with Jean Smith and Kate T. Parkers work. I love their authenticity and their ability to capture art in the everyday.

Canon? Nikon? Neither?

I've always been a Canon girl! And because I like routine, I've never even considered switching! 

Tell us a photography goal you hope to accomplish within a year. 

Im in the process of switching from portraiture sessions to lifestyle sessions. I would like to see that happen completely within 2015 because those are the sessions that make me happiest! We are moving to the beautiful country of Italy this summer and I cant wait to take my travel and landscape photography to the next level as well.

Tell us about your editing process. LR? PS? Both?

I use Photoshop, but would love to dabble in Lightroom as well. I tried it previously and didn't give it enough of a chance so I need to go back and try that relationship again!

So, be sure to go over to Christa's page and show her some love. Her work is really incredible if you have not checked it out yet. We are so grateful for our judges that come up with these great themes and spend the week picking winners and looking through all of your amazing images. We couldn't do it without them!

Happy April everyone! 

xoxo Jen

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