Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spotlight on: {STEPHANIE MASON}

Hey, Mamas!

Happy Wednesday!  Jess here and I'm super excited to feature our awesome guest designer this week, Stephanie Mason!

I LOVE the {dress up} theme this week and even more so, love seeing how ALL of you are rocking it!

Stephanie's vibrant photos always catch my eye and I'm stoked to share her work and some of her thoughts with you all today!

When did your photography journey begin?

Like many other Mamas, my photography journey began when I first became a mom. As we all know, it often feels like you bat an eye and your child is off to school and those precious moments slip by you. I didn’t want to miss a moment! I absolutely enjoy capturing the beauty in our everyday and it’s the simple moments, accomplishments and bonds I never want to forget.

Name a photographer who inspires you. What draws you into their work?

There are so many women in this industry that inspire me for various reasons but I always find myself drawn to Kayla Maltese’s (Kayla Maltese Photography) images. Her work is timeless and genuine. She inspires me to continue to capture the authentic moments my family shares on a regular basis (and the importance of actually being in those photos as well).

Canon or Nikon? Something else? Sell us on your brand!

Canon and only because I’ve never ventured into any other brands. I am very happy with what I have so have never felt the need to move on to something else. Stick with what you love!

Give us a photography related goal you hope to accomplish within a year.

I have a ton of goals that I want to accomplish over the next year or so but a very important one is for me to actually start taking photos with me IN them. I have so many photos of my husband with our boys and while, I love them to bits, feel as though it’s just as important for my kids to have photos with their Mommy too. 

It’s sad to say but I haven’t really been in any photos for almost 3 years except for a few snapshots here and there. That has to change and it will. You will be seeing a lot more of this Mama very soon. 

Well, that's music to our ears, right, Mamas?   Thanks again to Stephanie for sharing with us and for being a fabulous guest judge!

Don't forget to get those awesome dress up shares in- you have until Sunday afternoon!  <3
Jess & the mamas

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