Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spotlight on: Dezirae Thrower

Happy Wednesday to all!

This morning where I live we woke up to snow. Yep I said it. Last week we had warmer temps for Wisconsin and today we woke up to snow. Ahh you have to love the Midwest. :) So, this week's theme of  {Farewell Hibernation} is ever so fitting. Because we are ready to be done hibernating! 

We are thrilled to have Dezirae Thrower of Photography by Dezirae, LLC as our guest judge this week. She has come up with such a great theme for this time of year. We asked her a few questions to get to know her and her photography journal. Be sure to go to her website or Facebook page and check out her work. 

When did your photography journey begin?

My actual business journey began in 2013, when my boyfriend surprised me at Christmas with an entire bag full of my DSLR and 50 1.4 and 70-200 2.8 lens, speedlite, business set-up, the whole nine yards, after telling him I had a photography dream and wanted to be a stay/work from home mom with our new baby daughter. I still tear up to this day. 

Name a photographer who inspires you. What draws you to their work? 

There are so many I love for various reasons. Including locals, I have major respect for. But currently, I am loving, Sarah Cornish with My Four Hens Photography. She is simply amazing, I love her style, I feel I relate to it.

Canon? Nikon? Neither?

 Canon! I shoot with a Canon 60D. I honestly have never tried a Nikon, or any other brand, but I love Canon. I also was just surprised on my birthday last month from my boyfriend with a Canon AE-1 35mm. It's lovely and enjoying shooting with film.

Tell us a photography goal you hope to accomplish within a year.

I am constantly adding to my list of goals, but this year, I hope that I can leave my "guaranteed" paycheck job and solely rely on my business, so I can invest all my time and energy into it and continue to make it grow. It's hard to let that monthly paycheck go, knowing you have something to pay the bills, but I feel I am that much closer to being ready to take the leap.

Tell us about your editing process. LR? PS? Both? 

 I start off culling in bridge, doing some batch edits where need be, then I take them into cs5 where I hand edit each one. I have recorded quite a few actions that I use a lot, I have used a few actions of others, but mainly my own hand edits and I love it, because I feel it represents me :) although, I am always evolving and finding a new thing to add. ;)

Isn't she wonderful? So, be sure to go over and like her page and check out more of her work! Keep submitting your images for this week's theme. You have until Sunday night before she picks her winners. 

Have a great week!
xo Jen

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