Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{Spotlight On:} Kimberly Walla

Happy Wednesday, Mamas!

You are all ROCKING the {silhouette} theme...so much that we can barely keep up!  Thank you so much for loving and supporting on fellow photogs through the page.  We love seeing that camaraderie between all of you- that is EXACTLY why we started The Snappy Mama.

This week, our guest judge Kimberly Walla Photography gave us not only an awesome theme, but some beautiful images for today's feature.   Let's get to know her a little better:

1. When did your photography journey begin?

I’ve taken photography classes throughout high school and college, but did not become passionate about photography until after the birth of my first child in 2008. Of course everything had changed with digital photography so after I bought a DSLR I was hooked.  

2. Name a photographer who inspires you. What draws you to their work?

The work of Kate T. Parker and Liz LaBianca inspires me. Their images are raw and full of emotion yet everyday experiences that you can relate to. I love that they both share a lot of their personal work. Nothing inspires me more than photographing my own children.  

3. Canon or Nikon? 

I started with a Nikon and have never had any reason to switch. The D800 is my main body and the D700 is my backup. 

4. Give us a photography related goal you hope to accomplish within a year. 

I want to infuse my images with more emotion this year. I am also experimenting with off camera flash and plan to incorporate it into my sessions along with my personal work this year. 

5. What program do you use to edit your images? Tell us quickly why you love it {or if you don't}!

I open my RAW images in Lightroom 5 and do minor edits there then polish off in Photoshop. I love that there are always new tricks to learn in both programs.

^^^ a gal after my own heart aka workflow ;)   LOVED reading more about you, Kim!

Be sure to check out her Facebook page and give her a like if you don't already.  Thanks for all your participation and have a great week, everyone!

Jess <3

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