Thursday, February 19, 2015

{Spotlight on:} JONI BURTT

Oh, hey, MAMAS!

All I can say is... well, two things.  1.)  BRRRRRRR.  2.)  I am super stoked about this week's guest judge feature, because this photographer is someone I just admire and love her work so much.   She's also super supportive whenever I see her around Facebook pages, etc... and I just simply think she rocks.

Let's welcome JONI BURTT to the Snappy Mama blog today!

Tell us about your photography journey:

My photography journey began in 2010 when we had some extra money left over after our tax refund and I needed a new camera.  On a whim, I opted for a DSLR (a Pentax k-x), not knowing a single thing about photography.  It was a long, steep learning curve for me, but I grew to love taking photos, and that made me want to learn more about it.  I'd say it's only been in the past year or two that I've found a style - vibrant, occasionally flawed lifestyle, for the most part.
Any photogs that you admire most?

There are so many photographers I love!  Trying to pick just one is so difficult.  Right now I'll say I am loving Holly Donovan's work.  The portraits she takes of her children are divine.  
Canon?  Nikon?  Other?  ;) 

I started out with Pentax and ended up switching to a Nikon D600 last year.  I absolutely love it; it's intuitive to use, and the lenses I've acquired for it are stellar.  Honestly, though, I know I would have been perfectly happy if I'd gone with Canon, too.  The camera is to amazing photos like cake is to icing: a vehicle. ;) I am a firm believer that your vision and creativity come first, which is obvious when I look at the work of friends who are shooting with entry-level equipment and absolutely ROCKING it.
Tell us about your photography-related goals you might have this year:

My photography goals tend to be more personal; my business is small and I plan to keep it that way at least until my children are older.  Last year I went above and beyond my personal goals with being published, being part of a blog circle of amazing freelensing artists, and being asked to do blog features such as this.  I guess my goal for this year is to be able to end the year, look back on my photos from now, and see that I've grown.  I always want to be improving and learning.
PS? LR?  Both?  Neither?  Tell us about your editing workflow:

I use Photoshop 99% of the time, with most of the tweaking done in ACR.  I would love to be able to be more comfortable with Lightroom, but Photoshop is what I started on and old habits die hard!

Seriously is she just not a genius?   Be sure to check out more of her work as you are all enjoying this week's theme!  We are LOVING your {pocket of light} shares!

Jess <3

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