Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{Spotlight On:} SONJA STICH

Hi Mamas!
Hope that this 2nd week into the new year you are off to a great positive start! We are thrilled to have with how the new year has begun for our Snappy Mama page and so glad to have all of our fans and mamas joining in on this journey with us!
It is Jen here this week to bring our spotlight on this week's oh so amazing judge, Sonja Stich. Here are some incredible images by her an a little peak into her photography world. Enjoy!
1.) Tell us about your photography journey so far!
I started with film and developing the images when I was a student.
Then, when my first child was born I got my first DSLR, two years ago I
switched to manual mode and became obsessed with photography. So I
guess, this is when my journey started.
2.) Where do you gather inspiration from these days?

There are so many photographers that inspire me! At the moment I´m
drawn to the work of Fer Juaristi, his creativity and the emotion he
3.) Canon? Nikon? Other?
4.) What is your preferred editing software?
Lightroom. I love that I can do everything with just one program.
5.) Tell us about your goals for the upcoming year.
I want to make my first fotoshooting for clients.
I am in awe of her work. Be sure to go here and check out her work. She is really inspirational for no matter where you are at in this photography journal!
Be sure to get your image submitted by Sunday for her judging on the "Travel" theme. :) She can't wait to see your work!
xo Jen

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