Wednesday, December 10, 2014

{Spotlight On:} NICOLE TAYLOR

 Hey, guys!

Jess here and I'm back with this week's guest judge, the amazing Nicole Taylor Photography.  I think I may be a little nervous about this spotlight because Nicole gave us so many GORGEOUS images to choose from that I hope I'm doing her feature justice...and can I just get a WHOOP WHOOP for the AWESOME, inspiring theme this week?  I am loving seeing your 'stranger' captures and I know the other mamas are, too!  <3

Here's a little bit about Nicole:

1) Tell us how/where your journey started:

My photography journey began LONG before I realized it. As a child I always had an interest in the images in National Geographic. The Colors, the impact, the locations, the people, the emotion they subconsciously had me tapping in to what would later become my future. I've been taking pictures of anything and everything since I was a kid. My Grandmother loved taking pictures, in some ways I feel it was a hereditary love. But from an early age I had engrained in myself that I had to grow up and become the Corporate America version of successful. I never stopped taking pictures but it was the birth of my first son that ignited this passion and deeper realization , this love that started pulling me away from the corporate world. 

2) Name a photographer who inspires you:

In the beginning there were a lot of photographers who inspired me from all backgrounds and all levels. Family, children, boudoir,  weddings and humanitarian. I don't want to name just one  because not just one has been more influential to me then the other. Each has so much to offer and has taught me what kind of photographer that "I" want to be. . However, I've recently met and had the pleasure of telling him how inspirational he was to me is Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York. He stepped out a few years ago and started doing the very thing that I've wanted to do for myself for years. That is to capture complete strangers in a way that shares their story. Another is Vivian Maier. A suffered soul who hid her pain behind a camera. A woman that shared her own story through the way she photographed herself and her subjects. Both of these people have impacted the way that I photograph my own subjects now and have pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and capture what's within. And lastly David DuChemin. A humanitarian photographer who tells the stories of those who can't tell it themselves to the rest of the developed world. Through photography he empowers. All three share a glimpse into themselves in the work they produce(d). 

3)  Canon or Nikon?

I'll keep this answer short(er) and sweet. I'm a Canon girl, born and raised. It's what I grew up with, it's what I know. Canon has never failed me. It's my personal preference from a lifetime of use. 

4) What are your goals within the next year or so related to your photography?

The past 2.5 years I've slowed my business down A LOT to take some necessary personal time.  In doing so I've spent more time shooting for myself rather then others and I've learned more about who I am and the kind of photographer that I really want to be in the process. My goal this year is to rebrand and focus more on documentary style weddings & portraits and build my business back to what it was before I slowed down. 

5) Explain your editing process:

Editing programs ... oh gee. We need those? ;-)  I use Lightroom for basic editing. Light exposure adjustment if necessary, white balancing, contrast decrease for a softer look. Then if I want to pop my image or convert to black and white I will pop it into Photoshop ( old habits die hard ..... REALLY hard for some of us lol ). I do not use Lightroom to it's full potential. But it's versatile. You can create slideshows, album layouts, web pages as well outside of simple editing. But the biggest component with lightroom that I like is batch processing. Not just editing but the metadata also. 
I honestly try to keep my processing as simple as possible. 

Guys, are we lucky ducks to have had such an inspiring guest judge or what?!  I'm so excited to bring you Nicole's work today, and I know she's excited to see your captures this week, too!  Thank you so much for stopping by and be sure to check out more of her beautiful work!

Jess <3

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