Wednesday, December 17, 2014

{Spotlight On:} Ginger Unzueta

 Hi Snappy Mama fans!

 Jen here this week to introduce this week's guest judge. We have the wonderful Ginger Unzueta Photography. I could not stop looking through her images that she submitted to us. They are so captivating and her work on her page is just as incredible. You must go check her out! She has picked such a great theme for this week! We know it is such a busy time of the year but what a great theme for the holiday's. Let's see all those "CHILDHOOD" images. xoxo

Here's a little bit about Ginger:

1) Tell us how/where your journey started:

I have been taking photographs as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved pictures and have always had a camera. Like many other mothers, my children really ignited the passion in ways I hadn’t known before. I wanted to tell their story and to tell it in a beautiful way.  In addition, my husband traveled often, for extended periods, with his job for years.  I became passionate about capturing the everyday of my family so that my husband could relive these special moments through our pictures and stories.  He continues to tell me that our pictures are such gifts to him.

2) Name a photographer who inspires you:

There are so many photographers that inspire me. I appreciate the beautiful way others see this world. I don't spend as much time following others work as I did when I first started learning. My biggest inspiration truthfully comes from our children. They are the reason I pick up my camera. Their stories are the ones I long to capture. 

3)  Canon or Nikon?

I have shot both. I currently shoot with a Nikon d700. I have used it since 2011 and still love it. I wouldn't say I am brand loyal. I have seen amazing work with both Canon and Nikon.

4) What are your goals within the next year or so related to your photography?

2015 will be my third year teaching my online workshop, called Everyday Beauty, through the Bloom Forum. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to get to know other mothers, grandmothers and photographers who all are seeking to find and capture the beauty in their everyday lives. It has been such a blessing to develop these relationships and see each of my students grow.

5) Explain your editing process:

I always shoot in RAW. I start editing in LR and then make some minor adjustments in PS.  Editing is a very small piece of my workflow. My editing is honestly very minimal.

WOW, right? She is an amazing judge don't you think? We truly are blessed to get to be a part of The Snappy Mama. Thank you so much to Ginger for taking the time to be our guest judge this week. She can't wait to see what you submit for her "CHILDHOOD" theme.Thanks for being a part of our group and submitting your images. We love seeing them! Be sure to come over to Ginger's page here and show her some love.
xoxo, Jen

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