Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{Spotlight On:} ASHLEY CRAWFORD Photography

Hey, snappy mamas!

Jess here and boy do we have some EYE CANDY for you today with today's feature!  We are loving this week's {QUIET} theme with guest judge Ashley Crawford!

I fell TOTALLY in love with her photos when I saw them.   Take a while to get to know her and soak up these sunny, gorgeous images and you'll see why!

1.)  Tell us about your photographic journey:

My journey began in 2011 after doing some editing work for another photographer. After she decided to quit, I was upset about not having any more photos to work on. So I bought a camera in hopes of figuring it out in order to feed my editing hobby! Admittedly, I still kind of prefer the back-end process.

2. Do you have a photog 'crush?'  Who and why?

There are many I love for different reasons. For children/family, Summer Murdock is incredible. Her photos are so honest, so of the moment and always make my jaw drop. She is a constant source of inspiration.

3. The age old question.  Canon?  Nikon?  Other?

Canon! Although I've shot Nikon and Sony and was very impressed for different reasons. I believe equipment is of so much less importance than the one who's using it and how.

4. Tell us about your goals for the coming year.

 Photographing people allowed me to stay home with my newborn baby in 2012 when I didn't want to return to my corporate job. That has always been my measure of success: balancing my family and this amazing job. Somewhere along the line this past year, I feel like I lost sight of that and ended up extremely overcommitted. So keeping things manageable and having priorities is at the forefront of my mind for 2015.   (***hello!  Is she speaking to anyone else's soul here?!?!?)

5. Tell us about your editing process.  Do you have a favorite editing program?

I use everything! I love to edit. I begin in Photo Mechanic for culling and then move to Lightroom for the bulk of my editing. I am a huge fan of Alien Skin Exposure for sharpening/grain/color and will often pull photos into Photoshop for hand edits as well.

Love, Love, Love!

Now speaking of Love, go and show Ashley some love by heading to her Facebook page, and tell her The Snappy Mama sent ya ;)  Thanks so much, Ashley for joining us this week and ringing in the new year with The Snappy Mama!

Thanks so much and don't forget you have until Sunday at 5pm CST to get you 'quiet' images in!

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