Monday, October 6, 2014

Theme Winner: {Spontaneous}

Good afternoon/evening Mamas!  We really enjoyed your 'spontaneous' shares the past week.  Thanks so much to Jen Bilodeau of Jen Bilodeau Photography for guest judging this week!  Make sure to stop by her page and leave some Snappy Mama love!
Jen chose Jen Pontow of Butterfly Frames Photography for this week's winner! 

Here is what Jen B. said: I just adore the emotion and the spontaneous, silly game in this picture - it epitomizes  all that is wonderful about having siblings :)
Here is our Top 5 in no particular:

Tiffany Perkins of Tiffany Mae Photography
Here is what Jen said: 
I love his stance the colors of the clouds against it.....It's a beautiful silhouette and one that immediately screams "childhood".
Here is what Jen said: 
This little boys expression is perfect......there's nothing like the freedom and joy kids feel while tumbling around in the ocean on a hot summer day.  I love the soft colors in this images as well - they give the image a very serene quality.
Jennifer Kielich of Jennifer Keilich Photography
Here is what Jen said:  This is one of those moments that you most definitely cannot create intentionally.....the microphone, the potty, the cat.....These images are the ones that we will laugh over and enjoy so much as our children get older
Here is what Jen said:  You've gotta love the way kids strike a pose when standing on a they've conquered it :)  And I love the reflection in the water of the warm evening colors - the child looks very free in this peaceful moment
Here is what Jen said:  The way the light is shining through the water is magical.....This takes me back to a perfect summer evening.
Congrats to our winner and Top 5!  This week's theme is 'The Ordinary'
Happy Snapping! xx Summer

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