Monday, October 13, 2014

The Snappy Mama 'Ordinary' theme winner Alec Mills Photography

Here we are, Mamas!  Only 12 hours late... sorry!  We promise to be better next week, but such is Mom life, right?  Things don't often go as planned but they end up working out alright anyway :)

Ready for your winner and Top 5 for ordinary?  Tess of Tess Runion Photography had the difficult task of choosing. 

Here we go!

This week's winner of Tess' 'Ordinary' theme goes to Alec Mills Photography for this sweet capture.
Alec Mills

And Tess' Top 5 in no particular order

 Allison Gipson

Jennifer Nobriga

Kelly Jacobi

Heather Robinson

 Deanna Sackett

Great week, Mamas!  Don't forget to stop by Tess' page and say thanks for all her hard work this past week, and check out how talented she is while you're there!

This week's theme: Where The Sidewalk Ends

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