Thursday, October 30, 2014

{Spotlight Mama: Sonja DiNanno}

Hi everyone!
This week we have Sonja DiNanno as our guest judge. She is an amazing photographer that we are thrilled to have judging your great images! Here theme this week is "Pair". Come on over to her page and show her some love here at Sonja DiNanno Photography.

Here's a bit about our guest:
1. Tell us about your photography journey:
I can’t remember when it started, my father was a serious hobbyist photographer and I grew up with a slightly obsessive need to document every aspect of my life and the lives of those around me. I have very detailed scrapbooks starting from the time I was 8 years old! I think I’ve always been a historian and photography just helps me remember and document things. I studied photography in high school and in college. I worked as an assistant wedding photographer back in the film and darkroom days. After my second daughter was born I was looking for a creative outlet and picked up photography again.

2. Tell us about a photographer you really admire:
Sue Bryce, because she is a master at posing and her images look like paintings. She can bring out the beauty in all different shapes and sizes of women. Shannon Sewell, because I love how she creates these whimsical imaginary worlds in her photographs.
3. The age-old question - Canon? Nikon?
Canon!! It’s so easy to use, it’s intuitive.
4. Tell us some of your photography related goals for this year:
I want to start photographing families with kids that have special needs. I also want to get better at nailing my white balance in camera on the spot and cut down on my post process time...hey there’s a connection there!

5. What's your editing workflow?
I use lightroom and photoshop. I love how lightroom organizes photos but I love the control photoshop gives me. I wish the two would get together and have a editing software baby :)
Thanks again to Sonja for being our guest judge this week! We are thrilled to have her here! Your pictures are awesome that have been entered so far for the "Pair" theme. Keep them coming until Sunday at 5pm CST.

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