Friday, October 17, 2014

{Spotlight Mama: Elise Meader}

Happy weekend everyone!!

Jen here tonight and I am so excited to introduce you to this week's guest judge Elise Meader of Elise Meader Photography. She is doing such a great job this week with her theme of "Where the Sidewalk Ends". Everyone is submitting such wonderful "everyday" images for this theme. I just love looking through them and seeing everyone's perspective on the theme. It is so great!

Here's a bit about our guest:

1. Tell us about your photography journey:
My photography journey officially began early winter of 2014. I started shooting manual and reading up on as much as I could to get better! It wasn't until Spring that I started to really get the hang of it, I find myself growing and learning more each and everyday! 
2. Tell us about a photographer you really admire:
Sarah-Beth Photography is a photographer I admire. I am drawn to her incredible way she captures family and connection. I also love her processing and warmth in her images. She always puts out images that inspire me.

3. The age-old question - Canon? Nikon?
Nikon! I've recently upgraded to full frame and it's changed my life! I shoot with the D610 and I'm totally loving the wide angle I'm getting with the camera and my Tamron 28-75mm. I've only shot Nikon so that's all I know! I love it :) 
4. Tell us some of your photography related goals for this year:
My photography related goal this year would be to make PRO in either B&C or CM. I know it will take lots of hard work, but it will be a great accomplishment and milestone in my photography career!

5. What's your editing workflow?
I use Lightroom and only lightroom. There are lots of reasons why I love it-- the main reason why I love it is the simplicity of it, it's so incredibly user friendly. I'm able to get a finished edited image that I'm proud of. Eventually I will probably enter the world of photoshop, but for now, I'm so happy using LR.
We are grateful to have Elise as a guest judge this week on Snappy Mama. Don't forget you have until 5pm CST on Sunday (10/19) to submit your "Where the Sidewalk Ends" images. Be sure to go to Elise's Facebook page and show her beautiful work some love!

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